The Most Natural Creative Midfielder From Singapore

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Shahril Ishak, a football player with amazing skills from Singapore, is so famous because of his excellent performance. For your information, he is a player in Malaysia team which is Johor Darul Takzim II F.C in the Malaysian Premier League, well as expected, he is a captain of the team and it means that he has excellent performances anyway. Besides that, he is considered as a great football player since he led Singapore to the victory in AFF Suzuki Cup, he was also got awarded as AFF Suzuki Cup MVP. Not only had that, in 2013 he also got that AFF Player of the Year award. He started his international debut after he left S. League clubs Young Lions. Great news then came to the neighbor country, Indonesia because he joined Indonesia side in Persib Bandung. After scoring 9 goals in 29 performances in total, he left the club. The top scorer title seemed like his long name, it is because he is so good at scoring goals.

As we know that international career plays as an important part for football player in order to widen their knowledge as well as improve their skill. So, when you want to know about the best football player that Singapore has then it is necessary to include Shahril Ishak on your list. He is so good at playing football not only his fellow Singaporeans who recognize him but other Asian countries also know him so well. In addition, he is known as the most natural creative midfielder that everyone seems to love in Singapore in recent years. There are so many football players in the world and it makes so many people hard to recognize them one by one that is why it is so important for you to enrich your knowledge about the best football players start from your country first.

NFA Gang Of Four From Singapore

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When it comes to the professional football player from Singapore then everyone knows that Muhammad Ridhuan is the answer. If you want to know more about him more then there is no wrong with spending your free time here. Well, Muhammad Ridhuan was born on May 6th 1984 and he plays as midfielder for S.League club Warriors. It is true that there are so many football players who have amazing speed skills along with dribbling skills and Muhammad Ridhuan is on the list! He can catch people’s attention with his skills. Okay, are you curious about his career? I am pretty sure everyone feels the same thing. He joined Young Lions in 2003 and moved 4 years later to Tampines Rovers in 2007. In addition to that, he joined Indonesian club, Arema along with Noh Alam Shah. He helped the club got the winner title in Indonesian Super League.

There are so many people that see the potential that Muhammad Ridhuan has, include the Singapore coach Radjoko Avramovic so he got a chance to have international career started in 2003 he came as a talented youngster against Qatar. Have you ever heard about NFA Gang of Four? It consists of Shahril Ishak, Baihakki Khaizan, Hassan Sunny and also Muhammad Ridhuan as well as the quartet that play together and they made the best quartet in the field.

There is no doubt that Muhammad Ridhuan becomes one of the best football players in Singapore with the great skills that he has. Besides that, it makes him even stronger when he plays with his quartet team. So, if you are so curious about this quartet, it is a great chance for you to watch their excellent performance so that you can proof it yourself how great they are. Well, what are you waiting for again?


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